Digi TX54


Digi TX54 provides secure routing and gateway functionality across wired and wireless communication networks. Local private subnets are bridged across public networks to safeguard privacy and integrity.


Digi WR54 to TX54 Dual Cellular, Single Wi-Fi Migration Firmware

Warning: This is a migration firmware for Digi WR54 devices running the xOS Operating System (OS) to migrate to the Digi TX54 platform running the Digi Accelerated Linux (DAL) OS.  It is NOT possible to revert back to the Digi xOS firmware once the WR54 is migrated to the DAL OS.  This firmware will migrate most settings of the WR54, but some features are not available in DAL and will not be migrated to the TX54 platform.  We strongly recommend reading the Release Notes to understand what is migrated with this firmware release.

Warning: The 22.2 firmware release version is the last available migration file. After proceeding with the migration, please update the DAL firmware to the latest version.

Digi WR54 to TX54 Dual Cellular, Single Wi-Fi Migration Firmware

Click here for Migration Notes

bin 48.7 MB 3/20/2022


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