Digi TX54


Digi TX54 provides secure routing and gateway functionality across wired and wireless communication networks. Local private subnets are bridged across public networks to safeguard privacy and integrity.

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Digi TX54 Dual Cellular, Single Wi-Fi Firmware

Warning: Starting in firmware version, the watchdog system inside the Digi router will automatically re-power the cellular modem inside the Digi router if the modem is not initialized for more than one hour, and reboot the entire Digi router if the modem is un-initialized for more than 2 hours.  Please read the release notes for information on disabling this option.

Warning: 23.6 introduces an improved and redesigned Surelink. Some configuration will not be migrated. Please refer to the release notes for additional details and migration considerations.

Warning: When updating a device through its local web UI from firmware version 21.11 or earlier, please first upgrade to before upgrading to the latest firmware version.

NOTE: This firmware is used on TX54 devices, or WR54 devices that are already migrated to the Digi Accelerated Linux (DAL) operating system.  If the WR54 has not been converted from xOS to DAL, use the migration firmware found here to convert the WR54 to the DAL operating system.

Digi TX54 Dual Cellular, Single Wi-Fi Firmware

bin 48.8 MB 4/29/2024


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