Digi XBee Gateway - ZigBee


Digi XBee Gateway can be tested and developed using the Digi XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit, which fully integrates the Digi XBee GatewayDigi XBee Module, Digi RM and a sample web application into a cohesive internet-connected solution. This kit is a powerful tool that enables developers to create internet-connected prototypes in 30 minutes or less.

XBee Gateway Ethernet Wifi EOS Firmware ver

In order to upgrade to the latest firmware you must be running version 3.2.x.x code as a prerequisite. If you currently are running code prior to 3.2, please upgrade to first, then upgrade to latest firmware.

XBee Gateway Ethernet Wifi EOS Firmware ver

bin 16.4 MB 11/29/2022


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