Digi ConnectCore 9C

ConnectCore 9C

Interchangeable Wired/Wireless Core Modules

Highly integrated ARM9 core module family combines main processing functionality and integrated peripherals with on-board secure wireless/wired network connectivity.

OS Specific Patches

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txt 41.0 bytes 11/16/2021


7.5.x patches are delivered via the Digi ESP Package Manager. Click to see available patches

htm 323.9 KB 7/9/2021


NET+OS 7.4.2 Updates

7.4.x patches are delivered via the Digi ESP Package Manager.

pdf 445.6 KB 7.4.2 4/29/2017


Digi Embedded Linux 5.0 Package Manager Update

zip 856.3 KB 6/30/2009


Regtool ConfigOS Patch for CCx9C and CC9P9360

zip 9.9 KB 4/2/2008


S/W,iDigi Windows CE installer

exe 8.4 MB 6/26/2021


C# Embedded Library API Quick Start Guide

pdf 360.6 KB 6/25/2021


Embedded CE 6.0 Feature Pack 2 installer (Requires BSP version 2.2 installed)

exe 118.3 MB 7/31/2011


Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Feature Pack 1 Installer (Requires BSP version 2.0 installed)

exe 87.7 MB 6/24/2021


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