Digi One SP / SP IA / IA

Digi One SP / IA Family

Digi One SP/IA is easy to install locally or remotely. The IP address can be configured using DHCP, ARP-Ping or Setup, an application included with the installation CD that automatically detects all Digi One serial server devices on the network. Users can auto-connect a serial device to a networked server using raw, Telnet or rlogin.

Digi One SP / SP IA / IA EOS Firmware Image

NOTE: When upgrading to the 774_G or later version of firmware, if you have a 775 POST code already in your unit you MUST upgrade to the 775_F POST image FIRST or your unit may stop functioning. If your POST is universal POST part number 82001178, upgrading POST is not necessary.

Digi One SP / SP IA / IA EOS Firmware Image

bin 1.2 MB 7/7/2021


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