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Digi One IAP

Digi One IAP supports a variety of serial and Ethernet protocols, allowing users to bridge serial and Ethernet devices, or both. Multi-master access allows multiple masters to communicate with a single slave across protocols. Digi One IAP converts ASCII data from serial devices to Ethernet protocols.

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Digi One IAP / IAP HAZ Firmware

Digi One IAP / IAP HAZ Firmware

NOTE: When upgrading the EOS firmware.
You MUST upgrade to the latest POST image FIRST, then reboot before upgrading the EOS or your unit may stop functioning. If you have a POST version that starts with 82000779, the most recent POST is here on the website. If you have a POST version that starts with 82001178, then you have the Universal POST and you do NOT need to upgrade.
Devices with part number 50001381-xx can be upgraded to the latest firmware. Revision W1 is the last firmware for part number 50000793-xx and earlier hardware.

Note: Allen Bradley’s DF1 Half Duplex protocol support disclaimer.

The Half-Duplex and Radio-Mode functionality as implemented in the IAP firmware makes it possible for implementers to configure the product for half-duplex communication. 

This basic option setting is not a guarantee that it will work in any specific implementation, as there are always other settings that would have to be adjusted. 

In particular, given the complexity of timing in DF1 HD implementations, many of which are completely outside of Digi’s control in terms of the PLC model, the ladder logic, the SCADA configuration, the version of SCADA software, and the communications/network topology, among others, the suitability of this function for any given implementation needs to be validated by the implementer.

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