Digi ConnectPort TS 8/16 Terminal Server

Connectport TS 8/16

ConnectPort TS 8/16 terminal servers provide secure, easy EIA 232 or EIA 232/422/485 serial-to-Ethernet integration of virtually any device into wired Ethernet networks.

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Reference Information

Reference: EIA-232 Cable Specs

pdf 75.1 KB 12/30/2001


Reference: Recommended Custom Cable Vendors

pdf 83.9 KB 6/18/2021


Reference: EIA-232 Signal Information

pdf 12.4 KB 6/18/2021


Reference: EIA-232 Flow Control Primer

pdf 48.0 KB 6/18/2021


Reference: EIA-232 Cables- DTE vs. DCE

pdf 47.8 KB 6/18/2021


Reference: EIA-232 Cable Capacitance vs. Length of Run

pdf 48.8 KB 6/18/2021


Reference: 232 Signal to Pin conversion chart

pdf 70.1 KB 12/31/2001


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